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[Intro: Underrated]
This shit right here is for everybody who said white boys can't rap
They said white boys can't rap on beat and all that shit
It's over though, check this out
40 bars
Two minutes long
No computer tricks
No punch ins
One take, one track
Check this shit out man for real

It's over dog cause I run this now
I am the king of the underground
You better bow down when I be comin' around
Your little girl wants me when I'm in yo town
Toe to toe ya keep goin stop talkin
Fastest flow ya know ya boy so awesome
Got so many flows so you betta get off em
I only toss pretty hoes like Rosario Dawson
And I love to toke
But I'll never be smokin' that bamma son
Learn from me cause I am the one
If I'm Meyogi you're Daniel-son
My rappin's cold but I still blaze
Haters wanna hate but I'm here to stay
I do what I do I'm the shit today
I'm a cool white dude like Nick Lachet
Eat a dick my flow is sick
Talkin' shit you get busted quick
I'm runnin' shit I'm such a dick
I fuck a hoe but don't trust that trick
Oh you got a new favorite now
Underrated your favorite sound
Put it in the trunk like "blaow blaow blaow"
Anybody better betta save it pal
And I made the beat
Oh my goodness I be the best
All the kids they wanna be like me
I'm a cocky mutha fucka like Kanye West
But my skin is pale
One in a million but I will not fail
Ever since we had a CD for sale
All the girls wanna touch me like I'm brail
She does what I want when I say so
Cause I'm catchin' fire like Waiyko
If it comes down to it I'm a lay low
Never 'gon snitch like Jose Consako
You wanna battle then bust a ryhme
You neva 'gon win better luck next time
Never 'gon bust a nut up in a dime
I'm a player mutha fucka like the homie Tech N9ne
Ain't no stoppin' the way that I be flippin' it
Ain't no toppin' the flow this shit rediculous
If you wanna battle me then you a silly bitch
Thinkin that you cool but you not even a little bit
Line after line I be killin it, rippin it, stickin it, bein inconsiderate
Then I'm playin with ya little miss clitoris
Makin' you mad cause when I rockin the mic ya bitch get wet
No lie who am I mutha fucka still try
But they can't come close
So fly when I spit the rhyme
Like a nine recognize that you gonna get smoked
Cause everytime on the rhyme it's so easy
When you rhyme you remind me of R&B
Yo girls under me she's pleasing me
And I represent the west like Easy E.
There's no toppin' we rockin'
See ya panty droppin'
We knockin'
People talkin'
Get to poppin'
Make a profit
Put it in my pocket nobody can stop it
They like the way we roll
So let's take a drink and smoke
Your brain is movin' slow and
So I'm screwin' up the flow

Make a mutha fucka listen while I'm kickin the written so get the fuck out the kitchen I'm takin over the riches while I'm fuckin the bitches they always wanna be dissin' thiers gonna be a collision ya gonna be missin

It's over I told ya
Gonna fold ya and roll you like doja
Sick like nemonia who's colder
Come closer let me show ya
Rex Quan Do don't skip this class
Gonna flow in a moment an whip yo ass
Wanna roll like a pro but I bet you trash
Fuckin' hoes lookin' better than Kim Kardash
I'm a veteran never in last
Everybody thinkin' they can rap can't last
People wanna battle but they talk to fast
So I'm blowin 'em away like a shotgun blast
I'm rhymin' we climbin'
Gotta get this diamond we shinin'
Never whinin' and dinin'
These whinin' women be tryin'
I be a smart ass kid talkin' shit to the boss
Bump down the block talk crazy to cops
Blaze anotha J and pick a lady to toss
Can't fuck with the flow like Brady to Moss

Brady with time
Going back again
To Moss

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Potluck - 2 minute drill şarkı sözü
Potluck - 2 minute drill sözleri
2 minute drill - Potluck şarkı sözü
2 minute drill - Potluck şarkı sözleri
2 minute drill sözleri
Potluck - 2 minute drill lyrics
Potluck - 2 minute drill Şarkı Sözleri 2 minute drill şarkı sözü ara

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2 minute drill
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