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Get up and free yourself from yourself

Locked up inside you
like the calm beneath castles
is a cavern of treasures that
noone has been to
Let's go digging
Bring it out to take you back in

You won't do what you'd like to do
Lay back and let me show you another way
I'll kill what you want me to
take what's left and eat it
Take all or nothing
Life's just too short to push it away
Take it all
Take it all in
All the way in
Let it go
Let it go in
You won't feel what you'd like to feel
Lay back and let me show you another way

If you knock me down I'll come back running
knock you down
it won't be long now
All the way in
All the way
Take it up higher
4 degrees warmer
Give in now
and let me in
You'll like this in
Don't pull it out
It brings us closer than
dying and cancer and crying
Come on
You can take it all
Just like that

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Tool - 4 degrees şarkı sözü
Tool - 4 degrees sözleri
4 degrees - Tool şarkı sözü
4 degrees - Tool şarkı sözleri
4 degrees sözleri
Tool - 4 degrees lyrics
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4 degrees
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