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[Tony Yayo:]
I gotta swine flu pop the bitch with corn rows
4-10 revolver shotgun shell for my foes
Aeroplane dubai, 19 thousand
And that's for with rubber strap without no diamonds
Stick up kids they ain't on that, on that
Middle of recession nigga flaunt that, flaunt that
I'm a wolf, you not, I'm a pop, you down
I'm riding with my semi cocked
Pull up in the parking lot
Send my teen wolf at em michael j. fox
Sak passe jolly green, sak passe makazo
My bullet on me you know I let them hammers go
I'm in the 3 0 I can't forget the 5
134 for the block that's the southside
The ak hit em, his life is distrimental
It popped em up, chopped em up like a fucking ginsu

[Chorus x2: Louie Castro]
We reppin for the 305 to the 718
If you didn't know we run it then niggaz you's late
All my g's come stand up put the pistols eye on
Soldiers in here yea we ride till we die

[Jolly Green:]
I gotta west style flow, gucci shells in the fo
Louis vatton chopper and a chevy on the floor
Cardiar watch no diamonds on display
Opel and pearl glock matchin bezzel on the face
And you haters you can fold down, fall back
Zoe pound g-unit what you call that
You better stay in do, you better stay low
I fuck with sha money, 50 cent and yayo
Infiltrating the truest
Penetrateing them through ya
Bullet holes in medulas
When them bullets maneuver
Jamaica southside, connect with 305
I follow protocall die heres a suicide
I'm reppin makazo, who evers in the way
That means ya gotta go, I gots ta seal your fate
I'm an added addition, better version of buck
I assume the position, all you niggaz is fucked

[Chorus x2]

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Tony Yayo

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Etiketler :
Tony Yayo - 718 to 305 şarkı sözü
Tony Yayo - 718 to 305 sözleri
718 to 305 - Tony Yayo şarkı sözü
718 to 305 - Tony Yayo şarkı sözleri
718 to 305 sözleri
Tony Yayo - 718 to 305 lyrics
Tony Yayo - 718 to 305 Şarkı Sözleri 718 to 305 şarkı sözü ara

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Tony Yayo
718 to 305
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