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Ladies and gentleman! [ovation] [applause]
I know you were very surprised when you heard me the first time 50Cent is run it for President!
I like to thank you for all in to tuning in this DEBATES! [applause]
Some really important issues to adress
And I lover to answer your questions to here y'all suggestions! (Listen to this, yeah!)
I got propose... [beat starts]
I'm not another politician politicer, it's ya boy!
Here we go!

Yeah, I done smoked a couple pounds but I ain't never in hell
Been in Custody before - but never in jail!
Baby I love you like America, don't talk to me fly
But I'll promise you if you do bitch, I black ya eye!
See? The hood fucked up, I got a plan for the crisis
Bring the dope and them boys and lower cocaine prices
That's stage one of my plans, I pass five by depression
When everybody how I gives a fuck by recession!
Imagine gas price is 20 dollars a gallon.
D's catch a nigga and have the walk to the alley
And - my aims are to take away pain
It's okay, get fucked up, mayne!
Got that purple? - Roll that shit!
Got the pillpops that take that trip:
Got the Hennesy? Man, take that sip!
The pain'll go away if you got higher than a motherfucka!
And I know you think you know my style
Surprise nigga, I didn't changed it now!
5 years, I'm the nigga you been hatin' on
December 9th, I'm a give you what you waiting for!

"Before I Self Destruct", motherfucka!
It's 50!
I'm in Detroit right now!
I got EMINEM on the room, Dre in here!
We puttin' it together
I'm in a... I'm finna hit the restart button!
It's gon' feel like I just started it all over again!
Like this is '03 and this is "Get Rich"!
My album come in a full long movie!
A feature film, I'm like the Prince right now, man!
It's like "Purple Rain", baby!
Re-produced and directed by... 50Cent!
Starring... Curtis "50Cent" Jackson! [crowd ovation]
Clip the bye!
Tritch! [crowd ovation]
Give me your cashes! [crowd ovation]
Sounds like I'm better then... and lite your engines! [crowd ovation]
Call of friend...?. [crowd ovation]
Shout-out to all my niggas in Watt and New Jersey! [crowd ovation]
Aight, I gotta go back to work on my album!
December 9th!
That's right, ThisIs50.Com!
On demand Entertainmant!
OOh yeah!
Don't forget to vote for me! [echoes] [beat stops]

THISIS50-... dot-COM!

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Tony Yayo

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Tony Yayo - 50 for president şarkı sözü
Tony Yayo - 50 for president sözleri
50 for president - Tony Yayo şarkı sözü
50 for president - Tony Yayo şarkı sözleri
50 for president sözleri
Tony Yayo - 50 for president lyrics
Tony Yayo - 50 for president Şarkı Sözleri 50 for president şarkı sözü ara

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