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Still in the beats you can see a seed soda
Navy blue lavins match the rims on the rover
Too much traffic in rap, I ride the shoulder
Rap likes to blow man colder
Still waiting on that f800 benz
Keep it 100 f havin friends, I'm bout making ends
Chinchilla in storage I keep it cool
It's cold like my bitch, she make em drool
A million deaths to a pigeons stool
My shoes gas like hesh when a nigga move, fool
Casket sharp, fresh to death
Filth rich give me the loot, big and meth
Slip her outta lapearla hit it to the mornin
All the clicko got a nigga hurling
She gotta fat ass, with some nice extensions
A gold digger tryna mass her intentions

Tryna mass them intentions baby
Kill or be killed
Gpg 4
Got nuttin to prove to y'all niggaz man
I email for 3 thosuand dollars for madonna paper
Ya feel me

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Tony Yayo

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Etiketler :
Tony Yayo - 410 revolver şarkı sözü
Tony Yayo - 410 revolver sözleri
410 revolver - Tony Yayo şarkı sözü
410 revolver - Tony Yayo şarkı sözleri
410 revolver sözleri
Tony Yayo - 410 revolver lyrics
Tony Yayo - 410 revolver Şarkı Sözleri 410 revolver şarkı sözü ara

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Tony Yayo
410 revolver
E.Tarihi :13-03-2013
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