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Public enemies
Shout to em, rest in peace to proof
Let's go

Tell room service to clean this bitch up
Switzerland swishas you know I got my bitches up
I call my stripper up, cause we ain't speak in weeks
Now I got her spread eagle all on my bentley sheets

Money don't grow on trees sour do
So don't make me call my killers to shower you
Go ahead and take a jab nigga
I have you layin in a crime lab bag nigga
Yea hermeez hightops, make your hoes eye pop
Right out her head, now I'm gettin head
My dear, you a joke, the lears what I smoke hun
Rifle snipe a nigga like a deer on the scope yea
You rap niggaz is irrelavent
I'm wrapped around 3 tables 10 bottles that's an elephant
A club body, with a model hottie
A club touch, just tryna fuck
Monday call lavender, smoking on lavender
Tuesday it's purple urkle in the purple challenger
I just got a new ring like kobe
But feel like dwight howard walking with the 40
The mixtape gods, you rappers got the gall
Since 2.03 praying for our downfall
I guess the devil wear prada and god wear louie
Adam and eve may sing girl let's make a movie
Like cubana lusts, yea hoops I knock that off
Win for life I'm like a lottery scratch off
200 e.x nigga drop the hatch off
200 horse power engine like a track horse

Yea, talking bout that new phantom nigga
200 e.x, it's like 200 thousand nigga
Same price as a bentley my nigga
I guess they drive it in the recession
I need 50 to get me 1 of those
Maybe for christmas
Have 1 of them sit under the christmas tree
I would be so happy
But it's a receesion nigga
My niggaz gon rob these
Ha ha ha
Uh huh

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Tony Yayo

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Tony Yayo - 3am freestyle şarkı sözü
Tony Yayo - 3am freestyle sözleri
3am freestyle - Tony Yayo şarkı sözü
3am freestyle - Tony Yayo şarkı sözleri
3am freestyle sözleri
Tony Yayo - 3am freestyle lyrics
Tony Yayo - 3am freestyle Şarkı Sözleri 3am freestyle şarkı sözü ara

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Tony Yayo
3am freestyle
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