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I'm no angel that's fo sure
Just please tell me why are these things happening to me?
I really love you, cos theres no limit to that,no way,no way
She doesn't love you she's using you to show you off,to her friends,
But baby thats not me,

I guess I'm the Angel
The only for one you [You,you,you,you,you}
And if theres was only [only] one thing I could do,
I wouldn't do it,because I love you,unlike her,
But why do you torture me?
I can't sleep at night baby
I was thinking I was your Angel

Two years from now I see the dance,
Looks like you gave our love another chance,
Shes still lookin at you,despise in her eyes,
I now know I'm the Angel for you
Now I know its no lie {no lie},
I guess my mind wasn't joking [joking]
About that,

I'm the Angel,the one for you,
I'll tell no lies if you do that too,
But what if she steals your heart?
Then what do I do?

Baby,there's no stopping me from loving you
She didn't steal your heart yet,
What do I do til then?
I know I'm your Angel
The only one for you
Angel.... Angel

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Avril Lavigne - Angel şarkı sözü
Avril Lavigne - Angel sözleri
Angel - Avril Lavigne şarkı sözü
Angel - Avril Lavigne şarkı sözleri
Angel sözleri
Avril Lavigne - Angel lyrics
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