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All you gotta do is just walk away and pass me by
Don't acknowledge my smile when I try to say hello to you yeah
And all you gotta do is not answer my calls when
I'm trying to get through
To keep me wondering why, when all I can do is sigh
I just wanna touch you

I just wanna touch u baby
I just wanna kiss u girl
I just wanna touch u
'cause u give me butterflies inside

All I gotta say is that I must be dreaming, can't be real
You're not here with me, still I can feel you near me
I caress you, let you taste us, just so blissful listen
I would give you anything baby, just make my dreams come true
Oh baby you give me butterflies inside


If you would take my hand, baby I would show you
Guide you to the light babe
If you would be my love, baby I will love you, love you
'Til the end of time

{chorus} (2x)

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Ashanti - Butterflies şarkı sözü
Ashanti - Butterflies sözleri
Butterflies - Ashanti şarkı sözü
Butterflies - Ashanti şarkı sözleri
Butterflies sözleri
Ashanti - Butterflies lyrics
Ashanti - Butterflies Şarkı Sözleri Butterflies şarkı sözü ara

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