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Vespers bell tolls days departure
resounding it's plaintive knell
the cowherd drives his cattle homewards
as sunlight bids a fading farewell

Warm Afterglow, how discreetly you flow
casting twilight's halo, on the dimming day
Calm Afterglow, bathe each hill and hedgerow
in a scarlet shadow, slipping slowly grey

Shirehorse ploughs one final furrow
gaping nostrils snorting steam
the yearling bows her head in slumber
while Sandman spurs a world to dream


Advent of night
soothing sight
seamans delight

Bustling woodland slows to stillness
quiet save for the blackbirds cry
a crimson aura braids the skyline
urging languid day to die


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Amazing Blondel

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Amazing Blondel - Afterglow şarkı sözü
Amazing Blondel - Afterglow sözleri
Afterglow - Amazing Blondel şarkı sözü
Afterglow - Amazing Blondel şarkı sözleri
Afterglow sözleri
Amazing Blondel - Afterglow lyrics
Amazing Blondel - Afterglow Şarkı Sözleri Afterglow şarkı sözü ara

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Amazing Blondel
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