Almora - 1945 (İngilizce) Sözleri

It was so long years ago
i have lost all my hopes at the war
all of my dreams are lost
in my heart and in my soul

in the island with the sunrise
the darkness has captured the light
all the children have slept forever
and flew to the heaven in the sky

can you feel the pain in my heart
can you give back my fallen stars
all of my tears are still in my eyes
can you heal my broken heart

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Almora - 1945 (İngilizce) şarkı sözü
Almora - 1945 (İngilizce) sözleri
1945 (İngilizce) - Almora şarkı sözü
1945 (İngilizce) - Almora şarkı sözleri
1945 (İngilizce) sözleri
Almora - 1945 (İngilizce) lyrics
Almora - 1945 (İngilizce) Şarkı Sözleri 1945 (İngilizce) şarkı sözü ara

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1945 (İngilizce)
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