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Destination: a thousand ways to go
Indignation: scythe that cuts your soul
Your trail doesn't end with your fears
But makes them stronger

Lies in disguise in the name of trust
The road you take away, how far you go
You know that time is a wall
And one more illusion

You die
You fail
You live in a trail
They burn
You cry
Dead glance

Forever you will keep on
Your dreams you left behind
It lives in crystal form
They're still alive

Like birds of prey!

The wolves you ride away
They fight to free their land
With fire within emotions
You stock your hate

Like birds of prey!

Now you see you're reaping what they sowed
Green are the seeds of evil, watch them growl
And you're almost reaching the end
Arise and just move on!

Like birds of prey!
Like birds of prey!

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Almah - Birds of prey şarkı sözü
Almah - Birds of prey sözleri
Birds of prey - Almah şarkı sözü
Birds of prey - Almah şarkı sözleri
Birds of prey sözleri
Almah - Birds of prey lyrics
Almah - Birds of prey Şarkı Sözleri Birds of prey şarkı sözü ara

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Birds of prey
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