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Dry your eys
I see you still love me baby
Tell me why
Why don't you trust and leave me baby

All ı need is you
All ı need is you

Refrain:after all,when the sun goes down
She's gone,ı'm alone,ı'm sad again
After all,when the lights are down
Thinking why,what's wrong
She run away

Hold me now
Cause ı need you more than ever
And tell me how
Will ı keep you right by my side


I saw it all.there was something shinning bright
I realized
I ain't no man who gives no love

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Akbaba - After all şarkı sözü
Akbaba - After all sözleri
After all - Akbaba şarkı sözü
After all - Akbaba şarkı sözleri
After all sözleri
Akbaba - After all lyrics
Akbaba - After all Şarkı Sözleri After all şarkı sözü ara

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After all
E.Tarihi :14-08-2013
S.Tarih :19-05-2024
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