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504 Boyz
(Let's go get this bitch ass nigga)
Let me tell you a little story about
About this nigga I knew
This nigga I knew


You was my nigga, now we beefinIm bustin' at you
You bustin' at me
And it wont stop till we both sleepin
(It's world war nigga)
(Check this shit out)


[Verse 1]
We was claimin' the same hood
Fucked the same bitches (same bitches)
And they knew
If I hit it, you had to hit it too
We was crew
You was with me when I first pulled the trigger
You tried to shoot too, but your gun jammed
So we pulled off.. ya remember?
I hid by your mama house for a couple of days
Cause the niggaz we was beefin' with knew where I stayed
We were some down south niggaz
Bootin' 'em out niggaz
The wrong route niggaz
Typical niggaz
We just nickel and dime it
Sellin' weed... to the needy
Everything be 50-50
Ain't no need for being greedy
You my dogg, huh? (For sho' bro)
So thats how we played it
Niggaz who hated
We rushin' them and demonstrated
While we ain't to be faded
On this mission to get money, power, and bitches
Or whatever come along with these riches
That's if nobody snitches
I'd do a BID for ya
Take care of your KID for ya
But damn!
Look what these pussy niggaz done did to ya

[chorus in the background during the talking]

-Yeah, nigga, whats happenin'?
-Whats happenin' with ya dogg?
-Nigga, whats happenin' with you nigga?
Talking about you got some beef with me nigga
-Beef wit' you? Nigga you know I'm a real nigga
If I had some beef with you,
I'd come to you like a man dogg...It ain't like that between us
See what it is, is
You talkin' to these niggaz... and these niggaz got you goin
[Verse 2]
Them niggaz told you I blew up
And I forgot about us
The same niggaz who was with you and afraid to bust
How could you listen to these niggaz?
When they mean no good
Mothafuckers aint even from our hood
And know you snortin' furl with 'em
Off in that world with 'em
And Father forgive him
He dance to some other rhythm
Ever thought that we could work it out?
We would meet
But as long as you with them niggaz
I'll be with that heat
And thats deep
Cause I made a promise to your mama when we was only 12
I'll deliver you from evil and keep you alive and well
Guess I gotta disappoint her
But you leave me no choice
Callin' my crib, with this murder-murder tone in your voice
What...I'm a bitch or somethin'?
I used to fight for ya
Used to let you stay at my mama crib
when shit jsut wasn't right for ya
Look what you do me in return
I guess I played with fire
So eventually it burns

[chorus in the background]
-Hello? Hello?
Man this nigga done fuckin' hung up on me
Y'all think that nigga serious?


It's world war nigga

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504 Boyz

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504 Boyz - Beefing şarkı sözü
504 Boyz - Beefing sözleri
Beefing - 504 Boyz şarkı sözü
Beefing - 504 Boyz şarkı sözleri
Beefing sözleri
504 Boyz - Beefing lyrics
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