12 Stones - Bitter Sözleri

Mother mother can you hear me, i keep trying
Just to find me all i know now, all you s how me
Endless questions, hopeless ending

This bitter pill is pushing me away and now i feel
Like there's nothing left to say and i pretend to
Look the other way but in the end will i be okay
Will i be okay

Father father will you be there as i cry out
Silent again turning colder, frozen deeper
Numb to this dream sleeing within

Before i face another day, won't you let asleep
Lost among the dreams that always comfort me
And before i find my feet, won't you show me
What i need, what i need to walk again

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12 Stones

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12 Stones - Bitter şarkı sözü
12 Stones - Bitter sözleri
Bitter - 12 Stones şarkı sözü
Bitter - 12 Stones şarkı sözleri
Bitter sözleri
12 Stones - Bitter lyrics
12 Stones - Bitter Şarkı Sözleri Bitter şarkı sözü ara

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12 Stones
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