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[Lawyer:] Your honor, I would like to call my first witness
to the stand. All the way from East L.A., your honor
Pablo Diablo
[Pablo:] Hey! Guantana mira. Hey, my lovin' is for everyone, man
Do you know it reminds me of the summertime in the
bungalows of Spain, all night in the park
Eh, you would hear your music. It would be on the eighth
floor, but the pongos they reach up there, man!
We used to keep the whole neighborhood up
[Singing] Guantanamara!
[Lawyer:] Thank you, Pablo, for nothing. Jesus Christ
what a moron. No further questions, your honor

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Wyclef Jean

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Wyclef Jean - Pablo diablo (interlude) şarkı sözü
Wyclef Jean - Pablo diablo (interlude) sözleri
Pablo diablo (interlude) - Wyclef Jean şarkı sözü
Pablo diablo (interlude) - Wyclef Jean şarkı sözleri
Pablo diablo (interlude) sözleri
Wyclef Jean - Pablo diablo (interlude) lyrics
Wyclef Jean - Pablo diablo (interlude) Şarkı Sözleri Pablo diablo (interlude) şarkı sözü ara

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Wyclef Jean
Pablo diablo (interlude)
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