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I'll be your sunshine
You could be mine
You'll be my windchime
I've got the rhyme
We'll have a good time
Make up your mind
Roll with me girl, you're so fine

Girl jus let me be there for you anytime
You're so fine
For you I'd tie the longest line
You're so fine
My girl bruk out n whine
Mash up me brain, u a mash up man mind
Real bad man a dats where dem like
I'll be your sunshine X2

[Verse 1:]
This time, my girl if you want jus call me
Anytime my love like start get corny
We keep it steam up n' stormy
Me and you team up an build an army
Cah me love all di shape a ya body
And me kno seh u waan come party
If ya kno seh a u a me target
Girl I'll be that doggy doggy
Sexy chicks are my prerequisite
Hot girls gotta be my darlinGet with it, my beat u fi set wit it
All girls gotta heed my callin[ Sean Paul Lyrics are found on ]
From Kingston up to New Orlean
New Jersey rite back to Spalding
You fi kno this boy aint stallinWe puttin' all in

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
Listen my voices and my vocal
Lack off ya phone, tell ya man don't call
I'm gonna give ya this love total
Medical and it's antidotal, oh yea!
Cah we a di top pro gial
International or local
Ya man don't got it like me not at all
Cah ya man don't firm n' ya man don't tall
I'm a bruk out di diamond n' di opal
I'm a try buy love but now di love stall
Look like I'm don't have no hope at all
I'm nah come good with di approach at all
Hang him up like picture inna photo hall
Every man wan buy new protocol
S.P. a di man you fi call
I won't fall

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Repeat Intro:]

[Repeat Chorus:] ('Til the end)

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Sean Paul

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Sean Paul - So fine şarkı sözü
Sean Paul - So fine sözleri
So fine - Sean Paul şarkı sözü
So fine - Sean Paul şarkı sözleri
So fine sözleri
Sean Paul - So fine lyrics
Sean Paul - So fine Şarkı Sözleri So fine şarkı sözü ara

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Sean Paul
So fine
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