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I'm not satisfied in this lifetime
I'm following you to the other side
There's nothing that can change my mind
You're all I need

You're the only tie that binds my heart
Away from you I'm falling apart
We need to be closer than we are
You're all I need

So what can I do to get closer?
I know there is more my heart can bear
I give you control 'cause I need you
To take me there

Like a bird flying southI'm seeking you out
And there's no rope that can tie me down
I'm running home, I'm a slave set free
You're all I need

I am waiting
Draw me closer
I am waiting
Make me stronger

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Sanctus Real

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Sanctus Real - Closer şarkı sözü
Sanctus Real - Closer sözleri
Closer - Sanctus Real şarkı sözü
Closer - Sanctus Real şarkı sözleri
Closer sözleri
Sanctus Real - Closer lyrics
Sanctus Real - Closer Şarkı Sözleri Closer şarkı sözü ara

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Sanctus Real
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