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Hail the freak!
The king of the creep show
Abhorred and adored
A creature so intriguing
The crowd keeps wanting more and more

So come on
Give em a show
Step right up to the pedestal of mockery
They want to see this miscreant of misery

Chained and caged
Never to see the light of day
Driven insane
Malformed and deranged

Onlookers gawk and laugh
They feed him discarded scraps
Lashed by the master s whip
Perpetual punishment

Covered with open sores
Curse the day that he was born
No creature s as freakish as he
His deformity reigns supreme

Solo: Dave

Tomorrow the freak awakes upon a brand new stage
He knows there is only one way to escape
The crowd is horrified as he takes his own life
The grand finale ended with a suicide

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Revocation - Cretin şarkı sözü
Revocation - Cretin sözleri
Cretin - Revocation şarkı sözü
Cretin - Revocation şarkı sözleri
Cretin sözleri
Revocation - Cretin lyrics
Revocation - Cretin Şarkı Sözleri Cretin şarkı sözü ara

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