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Today I got a message from a girl, she said she was seventeen
I felt so wrong oh my god stop talkin to me
Then she wrote again, hit me up on my I'm
Where the hell did you get my screen name, you chicken head
She told me she found it lookin on a forum
Her and all her friends thought id be down for whorin
Cause all these little girls be hittin me up
On my myspace, facebook and yeah hoe, I like to fuck
But you're too young, wait do you have an older sister?
You do? Great have her email me her picture
All type of girls sending pics to my inbox
Oh look here's another one, all she's wearing is her lip-gloss
So I wrote back baby what do you wanna do?
You lookin pretty and I'm pretty sure I'm in your city soon
Then I got her number, texted every now and then
And when I'm in her town, we get down, and she even gives me head
That's how it happens and it happens every other day
So many people online tryin to get laid
So fuck the bar, I'm goin back to my computer
To chat with someone fine who in time will let me do her

[Chorus: UnDeRaTeD]
Computer love
I'm logging on and signing in
I'm tryin to find a sexy friend
Computer love
I check email, flip on my webcam
Look at her oh damn!
Computer love
So many people online
That's why I'm online tryin to find
Computer love

"Don't be jealous cause I've been chattin online with babes all day"

[One Ton:]
We livin in the future, booty calls in the computer
Horny girls that wanna photo share and flash their naked hooters
Internet recruiters lookin for a suiter
They wanna meet me in real life and ride me like a scooter
Thank you for the message but you're way to aggressive
I'm a married man, lady why can't you respect it?
Textin me too much about how wonderful your sex is
And you'll be on the guest list next time that I'm in Texas
But that depends only if you bring a friend
Then they cheatin two girls same time cancel in the end
Dippin online, shes only kinda fine
Damn myspace pics fuckin trick me every time
Yahoo messenger, web cam shows
Every chat room that I go got the same damn hoes
Update your mood, careful who you talkin to
Cause sometimes that fine girl is really just a fuckin dude

[Chorus: UnDeRaTeD]

[One Ton: x2]
Now a days everybody's on the internet
Myspace, face book, anything that gives them sex
Computer love, message me or send a text
Come join the club, maybe baby you could be next

Computer love [x3]

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Potluck - Computer love şarkı sözü
Potluck - Computer love sözleri
Computer love - Potluck şarkı sözü
Computer love - Potluck şarkı sözleri
Computer love sözleri
Potluck - Computer love lyrics
Potluck - Computer love Şarkı Sözleri Computer love şarkı sözü ara

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