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It's out of my hands, making your hands meet
stumble as it's crumbling out of reach
it's in the cards on destiny
your sanity in tow
designate my luck
ah resignate
this power has no roots to guide, no role
trust in rusted minds refused to go
unwillingness, it's meaningless to walk away in vain
designate my will
ah designate my fill
my will is crashing, synapses flashing slow
ah days like frame by frame, where do they go?
yeah why fight? forget it
cannot spend it after i go
roll 'em high
throw them again
all gods' dice
monkey driven, call this living, hahah
ah too much thought, it's overwrought, a hole
minding yours, what's mine not yours
will finish us off
a-designate my life
ah designate my view
ah resignate my will, my will, my will, i will
resignate my god

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Pearl Jam - Gods' dice şarkı sözü
Pearl Jam - Gods' dice sözleri
Gods' dice - Pearl Jam şarkı sözü
Gods' dice - Pearl Jam şarkı sözleri
Gods' dice sözleri
Pearl Jam - Gods' dice lyrics
Pearl Jam - Gods' dice Şarkı Sözleri Gods' dice şarkı sözü ara

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Pearl Jam
Gods' dice
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