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(feat. Pimp C & Sean P)

P.I. Yeah, Aye, Wussup Cuz, It's Going Down
East Side Yeah, Your Boy Sean P, Nelly, Pimp C, Aye

My Paint Too Wet Bitch, Never Pay My Set Bitch
Blue And Red Make Green, Just Cash The Check Bitch
Went To The Store Alot, Bought Me A Bank Witch [?]
Never Trick My Money In The Club With A Skank Bitch
Big Shrimp On My Plate, Look Like Dolphins (Dolphins)
Pushin Cookies In The Soft Ones
I Can Do Better, By Myself, Not Bad
Girl Ate The Whole Thing If She Call Me Chad
The Reppas Aint Settin Up There, They Mad
Rappin Like Us Gotta Hit, But You A Fag
I'm A Young Country Nigga, Uncut Like Snow
Make Them Young Bloodz Get Down On The Flo'
Make Them Young Niggas Put Candy On The Let [?]
You Got Clouds In Them Diamonds, Take That Monkey Shit Back
Cuz, Smokin High, Throwin Up, Keep That Lean Off In My Cut
Smokin High, Throwin Up, Keep That Heat Off In Our Truck

When I Hit The Parkin Lot And The 5th Wheel Drop
You Know Damn Well, You Dont Wanna See Me, All Eyes On Me
When I'm Fresh From The Jeweler And It's Sunny Outside
You Know Damn Well, You Dont Wanna See Me, All Eyes On Me
When I'm Freezed Up, J'd[?] Up, E'z In My K'z [?]
You Know Damn Well, You Dont Wanna See Me All Eyes On Me
From All The Niggas Thats Trill To Them Niggas Unreal
You Know Damn Well You Dont Wanna See Me, Uh-Uh
So Quit It Man, Lil Boy, Cut It Out, Look Here
Quit It Man, Lil Boy, Cut It Out, Look Here
Quit It Man, Lil Boy Cut It Out, Go Head
No Watch My Fingers, Lil Boy, Cut It Out, Hold Up!

I Aint Choose Yo Chick, Yo Chick Chose Me
I Aint Gotta Pick One, Imma Take Alla These
For Every Hundred You Got, Imma Peel Off Three
Hey, Dont Worry Bout It Lil Boy, The Bill On Me
Eight Years Now, You Can Call Me A Vet
That Money You Got, Call That A Forth Of My Neck

We Dont Call Paint Shiny, We Call Paint Wet
A Duro Strawberry Colored Coup, Call That A Mint
Got A Few Rides Already, Got A Few More To Cop
Got A Blue One Thats Hard, Got A Black One That Drop
Got A Buick Thats Green, The Same Color My Snot
Lil Daddy, You Aint The Shit, You Might As Well Get Off The Pot
That's Some New St. Louis Shit, Yeah Thats Funny
But Imma Stick With The Old, The New Dont Make Enough Money
Do When Im Old, Wipe Me Down
When They Dirty, Wipe Them Down
You Think I Showed My Ass Before
Sit Front Row And Watch Me Now!
Cuz My Grandmama Hate It But My Lil Mama Love [x2]


28 Inches Sittin Tall, It's Ridiculous
With A Slow Yellow Bitch [?]
Cuz That's The Type I Kick It With
Wide With A Stupid Pack And A Couple Stupid Cats
They Call Us The Goon Squad
So You Know We Stupid Strapped
Shuttin Down The Parkin Lot
We're Doin The Moonwalk
I Aint Stuntin' Now Cuz I'm Tryin To Blood Talk
I Be Where They Work At, Where Niggas Get Merked At
Her Wish Bread [?] Where They Mount It Up And Drop The Purp At
Cant You Tell Im Hood Rich
You Aint From My Hood Bitch
Sont You See The Leather Seats
The Way We Grate The Wood Pimp
Goin Hard On It, While I Signed On It
Dope Outa Hood, But This Is All Grind Money
Poppin Fans On It, Throwin Grands On It
Nelly Grabbed The Wheel And Made The Chevy Dance On It
I'm A Block Star, Aint A Phony Nigga (Aw, Never!)
A Phone Call A Had Em Youngstas On On Ya Nigga
So Dont Start No Shit, Wont Be No Shit [x2]


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Nelly - Cut it out şarkı sözü
Nelly - Cut it out sözleri
Cut it out - Nelly şarkı sözü
Cut it out - Nelly şarkı sözleri
Cut it out sözleri
Nelly - Cut it out lyrics
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Cut it out
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