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I walked alone
I never tried to stay in line
I didn't know what I was doing half the time
I didn't know that my life could ever change
I didn't think that anybody'd feel the same way
And then you came

I said I wanna try it all without regret
I wanna meet the kind of folks I never met
Skipping school and smoking cigarettes
We hadn't even really gotten started yet

Let's go driving
Cause there's nowhere to go
We're in hiding
There telling our story on the radio

I fell in love with being defiant
In a pick up truck that roared like a lion
When you're with us
You don't have to be quiet no more

People said we'd have to make it on our own
We never thought there'd be another hand to hold
We didn't care, we never did what we were told
They couldn't break us
They could never turn us cold, no
You and me well we were never growing old

I see you now
We talk about
The way it used to be
When we were brave
We misbehaved
Yeah you know what I mean
And you know why
Our battle cry always comes back to me


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Lissie - Cuckoo şarkı sözü
Lissie - Cuckoo sözleri
Cuckoo - Lissie şarkı sözü
Cuckoo - Lissie şarkı sözleri
Cuckoo sözleri
Lissie - Cuckoo lyrics
Lissie - Cuckoo Şarkı Sözleri Cuckoo şarkı sözü ara

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