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Dusty and you are, dirty from chain
Lips of your kisses are sticking like tape
Woke you at sunrise, cold as a grave
I'll cut you some flowers, now don't be afraid
Now don't be afraid

I'm looking for something, just sink in my teeth without any crying
But I can't find no place or nothing, where thrills are cheap and love is divine
Home by the river, tall grass and fields, pond of willow oak, well for to kneel
Dusty O Dusty, decision night, don't be so pretty, all laced up in white, all laced up in white

[Repeat Chorus 3x]

Where thrills are cheap, and love's divine [3x]

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Kings Of Leon

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Kings Of Leon - Dusty şarkı sözü
Kings Of Leon - Dusty sözleri
Dusty - Kings Of Leon şarkı sözü
Dusty - Kings Of Leon şarkı sözleri
Dusty sözleri
Kings Of Leon - Dusty lyrics
Kings Of Leon - Dusty Şarkı Sözleri Dusty şarkı sözü ara

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Kings Of Leon
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