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Tank top, love handles
Tube socks, Jesus sandals
Cheap blender, ice bucket
Raw oysters, yeah, give me one and shuck it

Holds up a frozen orange daiquiri
And laughs, here's to the boys at the factory

No more building transmissions
He's going deep sea fishing
Catch a marlin, catch a tan
Catch a local cover band

Hey, you gotta watch that man
He'll go coastal on ya

Silver hair, silver Buick
Winter's coming, better move it
Southbound before they get snowed under
Call the kids, tell 'em see you next summer

No more freezing their tails off
It's cataract sunglasses and a round of golf
Red skin, green plaid, margarita, dog track
Before you know it Mom and Dad
They'll go coastal on ya

Sounds so good, got me thinking
What do y'all say after I'm done singing

We just take a little getaway
Cruise it down the A1A
Florabama to the Keys
Better keep your eye on me

I'll go coastal on ya
I'll go coastal on ya
Yeah, I'll go coastal on ya

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Kenny Chesney

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Kenny Chesney - Coastal şarkı sözü
Kenny Chesney - Coastal sözleri
Coastal - Kenny Chesney şarkı sözü
Coastal - Kenny Chesney şarkı sözleri
Coastal sözleri
Kenny Chesney - Coastal lyrics
Kenny Chesney - Coastal Şarkı Sözleri Coastal şarkı sözü ara

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