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Some people ain't no damn good
You can't trust 'em you can't love 'em
No good deed goes unpunished
And I don't mind bein' their whippin' boy
I've had that pleasure for years and years
No no I never was a sinner--tell me what else can I do
Second best is what you get 'til you learn to bend the rules
And time respects no person--what you lift up must fall
They're waiting outside to claim my tumblin' walls

Saw my picture in the paper
Read the news around my face
And now some pepole don't want to treat me the same

When the walls come tumblin' down
When the walls come crumblin' crumblinWhen the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down

Some people say I'm obnoxious and lazy
I'm uneducated--my opinion means nothinBut I know I'm a real good dancer
Don't need to look over my shoulder to see what I'm after
Everybody's got their problems--ain't no new news here
I'm the same old trouble you've been havin' for years
Don't confuse the problem with

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John Mellencamp

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John Mellencamp - Crumblin' down şarkı sözü
John Mellencamp - Crumblin' down sözleri
Crumblin' down - John Mellencamp şarkı sözü
Crumblin' down - John Mellencamp şarkı sözleri
Crumblin' down sözleri
John Mellencamp - Crumblin' down lyrics
John Mellencamp - Crumblin' down Şarkı Sözleri Crumblin' down şarkı sözü ara

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John Mellencamp
Crumblin' down
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