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Move over Satan I'm a God blessed sinner
Try Chewing on the bread of life, that's what's for dinner
I gotta stand my ground, gotta hold the fort
Gotta pray hard because life's life's to short
Spirit tastes great but the world's less filling
You can be all you can be but you have to be willing
The operator's standing by. He's waiting for your call
You know your sould is grungy, He's the stain lifter thats all
I've tried it on my own, I can't just do it
But now I'm in good hands
And I know He'll see me through it
If you can't say this, get a piece of the Rock
Time is runnin' out -- Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Many times in life you're gonna take a lickin'
But when Jesus Christ has your back,
You're gonna keep on tickin'
Tickin' like a time bomb that's waiting to explode
Without pain and streets of gold is where you're gonna go!

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Insyderz - Carnival şarkı sözü
Insyderz - Carnival sözleri
Carnival - Insyderz şarkı sözü
Carnival - Insyderz şarkı sözleri
Carnival sözleri
Insyderz - Carnival lyrics
Insyderz - Carnival Şarkı Sözleri Carnival şarkı sözü ara

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