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[Intro: Hell Razah]
Max Julian, John Nickon style

[Chorus: Marvelous Bless]
Bitches ain't shit, but I love these hoes
Cause these hoes always spending all they dough
They like getting on they knees and on the floor
I put my dick in a bitch mouth, come some more, they say
Bitches ain't shit, but I love these chicks
Cause these chicks always spending all they chips
When I ride by, nigga, in a brand new six
I keep your hoe on the block, duke, making me rich

[Hell Razah]
She was your main chick, the one you walked in the rain with
One you cooked up, chopped up your cocaine with
You depended on sticking my dick in between her thong
Could have been your baby mom if she didn't do wrong
Started listening to snakes in the garden
Beg your pardon, had titties had tripled the size of Dolly Parton
Had the thuggish nigga broken hearted
Jewel [? ], sucking my dick, y'all niggas kissing and slobbering
Batman and Robin, threw her in the threesome, mйnage а trois
Bone niggas just to drive they're car
Bed and bath smelling like strawberries, the more the merry
Even brought her best friend so I could bust her cherry
They both came, baby oil, they're ready
Ass split like a machete, I had them tossed up in the tele
She knew Dreddy and the rest of the Sunz
Three O'clock, swallowed my come, [? ] in the buns
Industry chick, bone niggas only with whips
Getting open off the carrots that was lit on your wrist
Straight groupie who loved giving rappers the couchie
Wanna be in video scenes, stripping for more cream
She addicted to the dick morphine at eighteen
This is for all the bitches and hoes who ain't queens


Shorty ain't shit, says she's down for real
Says she'd do a drive-by with the pound for real
Smoking a tree, she's seventeen thinking she's grown
Heavenly blown, [? ] so I left her alone
Wanting to smack it, told my little brother, 'attack it'
Shorty ain't shit so when you get the money they'll trap it
Keep to my sums, watch out for bitch eating your ones
They'll leaken your funds, they'll leave your ass reaching for guns
But she can't have that, drilling me, the bitch will get mad at
Laying up in Cipher's house ain't the place to be sad at
Come and get hit and she don't got a chicken to hit
Licking my shit 'cause you know it's GG bitch

Yo it's Fell with the fiery flow with cold wrists
She couldn't resist, Miss wanna sit in the six
She's gotta give a me space, let a nigga breath
Where you sipping on that Mo', mommy gotta give me face
Grilling my fabrics, automatically telling me
Felony, the dope slide of to the nearest tele
Thinking it was Shelly and she told me that modeled it
Chicago, back when Mike was everybody's idol
You know how I do, just jot the digits
Conversation don't stop for minutes, notice I got lots to spend it
She heard that I rap, put the Hook on the map
They're still tryna take it further than that
'Nough small talk mommy you gonna ride or what?
Want those thousand [? ] that sit inside the truck
Slide to the tunnel, bundle the cash
Still twisted, step in the door, run like the floor's gone ballistic

[Hook x2: Cipha]
GG legend script with dimes and nicks
Twenties and fifties, we got boulders, bitch
Form a straight line if you want some
When I knock off a bundle, get a next run

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Hell Razah

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Hell Razah - Mega murder şarkı sözü
Hell Razah - Mega murder sözleri
Mega murder - Hell Razah şarkı sözü
Mega murder - Hell Razah şarkı sözleri
Mega murder sözleri
Hell Razah - Mega murder lyrics
Hell Razah - Mega murder Şarkı Sözleri Mega murder şarkı sözü ara

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