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I've watched in silence, without seeing
as a stranger within me grew
Detached and distanced from the day
while youth's precious years flew
Chasing time through empty skies
of endless hours
living for the future
Visions of brighter days to come
kept the shadows from my sight
made the present bearable
and obscured the fading light
Chasing time through the cold void
of solitary days
living for the future
Today is within my reach
and tomorrow is so illusive
But I'm still chasing time
through increasing disillusion
forever living for
the future of an illusion

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Fates Warning

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Fates Warning - Chasing time şarkı sözü
Fates Warning - Chasing time sözleri
Chasing time - Fates Warning şarkı sözü
Chasing time - Fates Warning şarkı sözleri
Chasing time sözleri
Fates Warning - Chasing time lyrics
Fates Warning - Chasing time Şarkı Sözleri Chasing time şarkı sözü ara

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Fates Warning
Chasing time
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