Fake Problems - Cannonball Sözleri

It's the fourth of July and I'm wasting my time outside today
Some friends are over and they're slurring their words in such a charming way

Balloons overhead, they went out to get food, they'll be gone for hours
Some kids just showed up bearing a cake that says "Let Freedom Ring!"

And can you hear it ring? Is this all we've done with it
We have stepped over god because he just gets in the way

The lights that explode above our heads sound like rifles
there are kids my age across the world lying lifeless

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Fake Problems

Fake Problems Tüm Şarkı Sözleri

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Fake Problems - Cannonball şarkı sözü
Fake Problems - Cannonball sözleri
Cannonball - Fake Problems şarkı sözü
Cannonball - Fake Problems şarkı sözleri
Cannonball sözleri
Fake Problems - Cannonball lyrics
Fake Problems - Cannonball Şarkı Sözleri Cannonball şarkı sözü ara

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Fake Problems
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