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Another deepest dark and lonely night i´m in
i´m so confused and so upset
another wound is hurting me i am bleeding
as though your love is like a poison

it´s real i miss you
it´s real i wish you
i can´t stand and get this out of my mind
can't escape
it´s real i can´t refuse
your love i can´t erase
to hell with that
i can't confess

there´s a part of you is still inside of me
i´m just like a corpse without you
don´t you see
tired of hiding all the tears i have in me
nights are getting cold here
come back to me

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Esra Kahraman

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Esra Kahraman - Come back şarkı sözü
Esra Kahraman - Come back sözleri
Come back - Esra Kahraman şarkı sözü
Come back - Esra Kahraman şarkı sözleri
Come back sözleri
Esra Kahraman - Come back lyrics
Esra Kahraman - Come back Şarkı Sözleri Come back şarkı sözü ara

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Esra Kahraman
Come back
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