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"If you're always running
you ain't no kind of man
face up your fears kid
fight for what you take stock in
out here on rolling hills
there ain't no alibis
only sweat and dirt
only that open sky
f you take nothing more
than these simple words
with your head held high kid
you will have your day
you can leave hardened
i won't think twice of it
if you got a battle back home
you got no reason to stay"
out there on rolling hills
he thought of days back home
all the pain and hurt
his mother praying alone
sleep never came for him
no rest for wicked men
in those starless skies
the moon shined shame on him
he found redemption in pale saints
that took him in
his grey eyes
that only youth can feel
before life sours them
"where you from, where you been"
the boy would ask
he could never answer
it was the truth he lacked
"i'm from nowhere kid, i've been to hell and back
i'm a loner kid, i got no grace and no tact"
he had nothing more than those simple words
he was a runner and a coward
always losing his way
till no sleep for him
"i ain't no wicked man"
there would be no night like this for him ever again
he would change his fate
he would mend the breaks
he left that night with parting words to lead his way
"don't you be like me"
"don't you be like me"
"don't you be like me"
and so that moonlit sky shined praise down on him

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Defeater - Moon shine şarkı sözü
Defeater - Moon shine sözleri
Moon shine - Defeater şarkı sözü
Moon shine - Defeater şarkı sözleri
Moon shine sözleri
Defeater - Moon shine lyrics
Defeater - Moon shine Şarkı Sözleri Moon shine şarkı sözü ara

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