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"There's no place for me"
a man of nowhere
a man of black heart
from the dead end streets
"regret runs through me
i am no one, i am nothing
i am a man of defeat. what's left for me?
whats left for me?"
he thought of those open roads
his mother praying alone
that vagrant anthem and the field sung hymns
the cowardice forever following him
"what's left, what's left for me?
the world has turned it's back on me
there's no place for me"
a sullen walk to the chapel stairs
"regret runs through me"
a hard pull on that white oak door
to face up those fears
There's no place for me

"what brings you here my son?"
"i've been a horrible man
i killed my father, i killed my brother
i left my mother in your god's hands
"clasp your hands and count your sins
kneel at the pew till the sermon begins
"no judgment cast down this day, will set you free
you are forgiven my son
you are blessed and redeemed
you've found absolution here son, but only from me"
"what's left, what's left for me?"
a sullen walk to the steeple top
to look over the city
he carves his name in that old brass bell
so when it rings he can hear it in hell
one last look to that western sky
one last wish he could have changed his life
"i ain't, ain't no wicked man"
he let his fleet slip from under him

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Defeater - Cowardice şarkı sözü
Defeater - Cowardice sözleri
Cowardice - Defeater şarkı sözü
Cowardice - Defeater şarkı sözleri
Cowardice sözleri
Defeater - Cowardice lyrics
Defeater - Cowardice Şarkı Sözleri Cowardice şarkı sözü ara

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