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I know these dreams seem make believe
But I don't think we should let em go
Can't promise you Rome or St. Tropez
But one day we might make it to Mexico

[Verse 1: Natti]
Baby doll can I call in a favor
If you trust me, I trust you
We must to
Get past times we cuss through
While we stand swearin like we in front of judge who
Evers on TV, you know what I mean
Cus whatever you seen be it debit or green
Natti came up on from chasin a dream
But yet, like a lil free Red Corevette
Sweet on the streets, worth less when it's wrecked
Work, stress, and sweat, this life is a test but
Believe it's gonna be all gravy
We be runnin in the sun to lay where it's shady
But not fast, fun filled with laughs
Can't take a trip to fall runnin to first class
How I wish the woods would up and disperse cash
Til' they do it's me and you and where I'm taking you last
Lil' bathin suit, me grabbin yo ass
Past borders with waters as clear as your glass, so
Let's go down Mexico, where the
Reefer is cheaper and the sex is slow, c'mon

[Verse 2: Deacon]
How about sex on the beach? Right
Dos Equis? Right, under red light
Special, sidewinder track through sand
Swim a lil' bit, dance when we back on land
Darlin, whatever floats your boat
From Kentucky well water to whale watchin off a back porch
Smoked out rotisserie turning
A lil tequila, some kissin and burnin
But anyway, That's after words are said
The ring bearers, the flower girls, the I Thee Weds
But that's miles away like your smile today
I'm feeling lower than the Nile in May
Cause all I know is I don't know and you don't either
All I know is that we need us
And plus we know, that I ain't paid
Yet all we think is I'm gone lead us
Together, Forever
Girl that's a pressure unmeasured
No lesser your treasure
Cause even the Reverend would tell ya
That heaven's no better
Heaven's no better, than you

[Bridge: Kno]
Let me get my David Bowie on real quick, check it
Take a chance or let me go

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Cunninlynguists - Mexico şarkı sözü
Cunninlynguists - Mexico sözleri
Mexico - Cunninlynguists şarkı sözü
Mexico - Cunninlynguists şarkı sözleri
Mexico sözleri
Cunninlynguists - Mexico lyrics
Cunninlynguists - Mexico Şarkı Sözleri Mexico şarkı sözü ara

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