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[Hook: Deacon]
There's something about a vandal's lust
The lifestyles of the scandalous
Ain't nothing like it - america loves gangsters (ha ha ha ha)
Look at all the angel dust, the cocaine and the cannabis
Ain't nothing like it - america loves gangsters (he he he he)
Cause its fun to watch cannon's bust
Ain't nothing like it - america loves gangsters (we we we we)
Gone off that gangsta gangsta [x2] (for so long)
GOne off that gangsta gangsta [x2] (and so on)

[Verse 1: Natti]
America loves Gottis, America loves bodies
Pacino counting C-Notes for shooting up club lobbies
While Eddie Nash constrols bankrolls in Wonderland
Tony Soprano hits channels and holds down On-Demand
We wanna see it and some motherfuckers gon' wanna be it
Others are doing numbers that breed it, bleed it, can't defeat it
Bush, the political gangster, man you gotta be high
Gave plenty of orders for slaughters ain't swatted a fly
Modern day cowboys wit shiny alloys for side arms
Hiding behind bombs, advanced cowards
In Jesse James ways we handled the Towers
Guns blazing for freeze framing the King of New York
In the moments we face opponents give thanks to "gangsta"
Maybe place Babyface Nelson in ranks to bank ya
Got enough angst to handle the handle and squeeze the trigger
But pop that in the city its "Freeze Nigga!!"


[Verse 2: Deacon]
A-scare-ica lusts danger, danger, danger
War, load the tanks up
In the name of the Lord give thanks for anger
More major paper in "Gangsta" Gangster
Heats nerves and veins hearing words from pranksters
Anger anchors us, cinematic screens spew
Wrangler language, systematic schemes too
Change the brain up, divide and conquer
Mob on em, ride till their lives are contra'd
Monsters, driven by capital as a stimuli
Can never be too powerful, it makes us all admire you
We'll follow until we fall like fallen star from sky, I
Can't say it's impact hasn't hollowed walls inside my
Heart, my art, ummmm insane
Is it that smart to react dark when facing pain?
You ain't that hard, that scarred or that real
To go that far, for that kill, for that feel, now that's ill

[Tim Means: Spoken Word]
It's 6pm again
And i'm tuning into CNN watching marines mow down
Crowds with machine guns
16 weeks training, Atilla the Huns philosophies
And now they're thinking we won't bring peace to these
Streets with the same techniques that shit's hypocrisy
This ain't Democracy it's a Survival of the Fittest
A country built behind closed doors with gods as their witness
Picture this
People can become so blind that their ears can't listen
Trying to save their souls with penitentiareligion superstition
Never done unto others but claiming that they're Christian
While God's children are sittin home praying and wishing
For answers to their questions
Herd of the Armageddon wondering what side that we're destined
Life be a war ain't no time for restin
That's why you give up your seven to five, just to stay alive
Trying to fuel the fire inside before the God in me has died
Eyes, wide, trying to look out through this labyrinth
Hoping to leave this earth with the same presence that we came with
Trying to steer my path in opposite on opposite directions
That man came went
My soul came, spent, I tried to get it back
Thinking that if my heart stopped that my body could relax
But there's no time to be laxed
Because there's a war all through creation
God's Warriors are dying and gangsters are their replacements

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Cunninlynguists - America loves gangsters şarkı sözü
Cunninlynguists - America loves gangsters sözleri
America loves gangsters - Cunninlynguists şarkı sözü
America loves gangsters - Cunninlynguists şarkı sözleri
America loves gangsters sözleri
Cunninlynguists - America loves gangsters lyrics
Cunninlynguists - America loves gangsters Şarkı Sözleri America loves gangsters şarkı sözü ara

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