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On that day your mama would cry
On that day your father would die
And on that day when you lost your mind
This is what it sounds like
(Ohh No No)
It's not real
What's that sound

I know you've been alone
I can see your bad dreams in the seams of your pillow
Friendly faces change to strangers
Familiar places seem like mazes
There is something on the phone
It wants to talk and it knows your home
You can't stop from floating backwards
What's this force that distorts my world
Let me out (8 x's)
Where am I


Midnight Nation
No escape from Midnight Nation

Now you see deformed faces in crowds
Stitched closed eyes and chins with no mouths
World in between what is and should not be
Peers speak to people that you cannot see
You read the bible but the content had changed
It's a map that leaves hell, the doorway is pain
I'm in your mind cackling and laughing
I whisper dark thoughts in the brains of madmen
Let me out (8 x's)
Where am I

Repeat Chorus

Raw from a loss now the world has changed Am I insane or dead (2 x's)
What ya say Let me out

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Bobaflex - Midnight nation şarkı sözü
Bobaflex - Midnight nation sözleri
Midnight nation - Bobaflex şarkı sözü
Midnight nation - Bobaflex şarkı sözleri
Midnight nation sözleri
Bobaflex - Midnight nation lyrics
Bobaflex - Midnight nation Şarkı Sözleri Midnight nation şarkı sözü ara

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Midnight nation
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