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What would you do without your medicine
falling on the floor again,
looking for the fix you found heaven in
What would you do without your medicine
run like a fiend, never
weaned from the breast, so you fell again

It's the big dark behind you, you can run
but it always finds you
Reminds you of something that happened so bad in your past
You never want to look back, manifest in bad dreams
Itch starts to scream, medicine numb the gnashing teeth


I must confess these pains in my chest disappear when I'm feeding the need So forget about your questions,
cause you know where I've been
There's a struggle in the mud and for now I'm sinking
Sitting in the back room, thinking what might have been
I'm alive, cause I'm taking all my medicine
I'm on top of the world and nothing brings me down

Verse 2:
What's that junk you been shooting in your veins
Young kids do X headed straight for little brains
Pop a bean for me, call it a shame,
everyone escape, try to get away
Shot from the head, you're the walking dead
corpses chasing artificial happiness
Death to the freaks and the fiends that deserved it
I had a get out of hell free card, but I burned it

Repeat Chorus

Slide down, back to the hole where you feel comfortable
What would you do without your medicine

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Bobaflex - Medicine şarkı sözü
Bobaflex - Medicine sözleri
Medicine - Bobaflex şarkı sözü
Medicine - Bobaflex şarkı sözleri
Medicine sözleri
Bobaflex - Medicine lyrics
Bobaflex - Medicine Şarkı Sözleri Medicine şarkı sözü ara

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