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The lines are on board, it's quiet offshore
But the wind blows

The children are here but the women just stare
From the windows

See the lawns outside, groomed green lawns
Oh how they glow

And I spotted you there with curlers in hair
On the telephone

And I, longed for you
Yes I, long for you

Oh I'll move for you
Yes, I'll move for you

Years spent round on the foyer
As the maid sweeps dust
And leaves from the back door

My heart could be yours
Within dreams we're free
But you'd always ask for more

So I'll move for you
Yes, I'll move for you

Oh I'll move for you
Oh I'll move for you

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Beirut - Mimizan şarkı sözü
Beirut - Mimizan sözleri
Mimizan - Beirut şarkı sözü
Mimizan - Beirut şarkı sözleri
Mimizan sözleri
Beirut - Mimizan lyrics
Beirut - Mimizan Şarkı Sözleri Mimizan şarkı sözü ara

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