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Would love to make a hip track
But don't know how to handle that
Expectations off the ground
I still feel I'm moving back

Moving forth moving back

Would love to make a loos track
But tell me can you handle that
Got to keep my head clean
In case I might need it back

Moving forth moving back

I'm goin down down
Nothing much to do now
I lost my head aw!
Everbody wave now
Go with the flow now

Dance automatic, electronic, cybersonic,

It's not a secret it's not a shame
I can say what I want to and I'm OK
My obsession is to get you up
And make you dance 'till you drop
I'm moving back I'm moving forth

I'm moving like I don't have time
To get those tunes out of my mind
Get ready for the pump now
Move it back move it forth

Move it back move it forth

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Bedük - Automatik şarkı sözü
Bedük - Automatik sözleri
Automatik - Bedük şarkı sözü
Automatik - Bedük şarkı sözleri
Automatik sözleri
Bedük - Automatik lyrics
Bedük - Automatik Şarkı Sözleri Automatik şarkı sözü ara

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