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Lead: Carroll

Encircled, cut off from reinforcement
At all costs you must hold the line
Living among the slain with the knowledge
You could join them at any time

The enemy advances without number
Signaled by a creeping barrage
The attack goes on for weeks and weeks
The trenches awash with blood

Gunning down the enemy
Each one without a face
What once were fields of green
Are now endless fields of graves



Lead: Carroll
Lead: Laux

Your comrade rises up to fire
You watch in horror as he falls
The life drained away from his body
Through the hole in his skull

Gunning down the enemy
Send them to their graves
The ways of man will never change
The fallen die in vain


The whistle blows, you are forced to advance
into oncoming machine gun fire
Caught in the blast as the mines detonate
lifeless bodies hang from barbed wire
Stabbed through the gut by a bayonet, blood
chokes your scream
Another dying sould is laid upon the altar of
mankind's greed


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Band Perry

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Band Perry - Independence şarkı sözü
Band Perry - Independence sözleri
Independence - Band Perry şarkı sözü
Independence - Band Perry şarkı sözleri
Independence sözleri
Band Perry - Independence lyrics
Band Perry - Independence Şarkı Sözleri Independence şarkı sözü ara

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Band Perry
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