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So I was drivn' down the road
Nothin' in the air
I figured this little ride
needed some flair
So I park by the street
next to Mickie D's
and some low-life bitch
comes up and bumps up
my back seats

Snap, snap, snap!
What'cha think you be doin?
Smashin' my ride,
can't you see that gash
almost all the way to the side?
Bump this, bump this
(Yeah, bump it!)
What'cha think ya doin'?
Blind people smashin' up my ride
really is a lag!
Bump this, bump this!

The solution here is
that you blind fool
needs some mo' school
to fix them damn eyes
why ya lookin' so sad
I'm the only one that should be mad!


Nothin', nothin' will fix this
(I'm so sad!)
You messed up my ride,
my transportation thing is now a lag
(I'm so fuckin' mad!)
No repsect
(No respect)
You're flippin' me off
(Cool down, cool down)
But my ride


{guitar solo}


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Avril Lavigne

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Avril Lavigne - Bump this şarkı sözü
Avril Lavigne - Bump this sözleri
Bump this - Avril Lavigne şarkı sözü
Bump this - Avril Lavigne şarkı sözleri
Bump this sözleri
Avril Lavigne - Bump this lyrics
Avril Lavigne - Bump this Şarkı Sözleri Bump this şarkı sözü ara

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