Atmosphere - Multiples Sözleri

"Right now, we gonna get together and give you a tune
That we had a lot of requests for"

I never gave props to emcees who dont deserve it
Never smoked rocks, never had guts to serve it
Never had a glock, never seemed to be worth it
Never had I thought life was gonna be perfect
Never hit the chicks unless I have a jimmy hat
Never leave the crib unless I have my shit intact
Never do I say a rhyme unless the beat is fat
Best believe that, never will the Spawn come wack
Never went to court, never had to serve trial
Never went to jail, had no records on file
Never direspect, never treat my friends wild
Cus I never had real friends till now

-So this goes to those
*Who be supporting at the shows
-And this goes to those
*Who's always working on they flows
-And this goes to those
*Who use music intake to escape
findin' love and happiness inside a mixtape
-And this goes to those
*Who's criticism is constructive
-And this goes to those
*Who lyrically we just cant fuck with
-And this goes to those
*Who's love is so strong you can shut your eyes
and see them when you listenin' to they songs
-This goes to those
*Who eat and sleep with turntables
-This goes to those
*Who say fuck the major lables
-And this goes to those
*Who unsigned and dead broke
can still make a name before they even make a demo
-This goes to those
*Who keep the freight trains lit up
-And this goes to those
*Who roam the night just to get up
-And this goes to those
*Who tag and paint walls with aerosol
lost city from Minneapolis to St. Paul
-This goes to those
*Who flip the b-boy acrobatics
-And this goes to those
*Who put the ball in the baskets
-This goes to those
*A few who listen to the lyrics
cuz this flow's for those who can dig the Atmosphere shit

-Its like that shit
*Its like this shit
+True heads are the real music critics
-Was always better with flows,
*then I was with shoulder pose
+But no matter where you live my man the love is multiple (2X)

*thats my new drug of choice
*where you go when you loose your voice
*stems from the shit you man's selling me,
dont lie to me I know the real definition is jealousy
*thats my tactic to complain
*distract you while I pick your brain
*up there lyrical unit
that leaves the average emcee confused like a eunuch
*thats how I often change the subject
-Second guess:
*thats what they all do to Slug's shit
*most kids pale in comparison
the mind phonics, so comes the hail of some embarassment
*a metaphor for my delivery
*results of having battle tendencies
*everytime its my turn to rip
the masturbated means that you finally came to grip
*So reality must mean
-guns, bitches, and weed
*Cuz salary is what comes from:
-guns, bitches, and weed
*Integrity, means you're in pain cuz you're in love
collectively means that none of yall could fuck with Slug
-Its like that, never the wack, an actual fact
*Its like act transglobal and local so hold me back
*Its like daamn ageless-tenseness-wandering
*Its a struggle, between what you can give and what you want to

-Its like that shit
*Its like this shit
+True heads are the real music critics
-Was always better with flows
*then I was with shoulder pose
+But no matter where you live my man the love is multiple (2X)

"Right now" scratched

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Atmosphere - Multiples şarkı sözü
Atmosphere - Multiples sözleri
Multiples - Atmosphere şarkı sözü
Multiples - Atmosphere şarkı sözleri
Multiples sözleri
Atmosphere - Multiples lyrics
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