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I peep rap city high like to my eyesight
witnesses bitches and kids frontin to bring a shit
you get nothing from this write redundant to bring the dumb shit
i neva half ass my blast leaves you overcome-ed
the basement aroma should have waited for you're diploma
instead you dropped out now you grabb the microphone ta
let the fox out a box out the center
rippin to end your agenda 'cause im the microphone binga
since you started rhyming you been barred from flyin
trying to push me to (peat)? I didnt buy your tape 'cause pussy is cheap
Pushing me deep so i brush it to fuck it
You get busted to rubbish because my stuff is conducted
On some thouroughness that fuck the world shit dont make it happen
You roll without friends but that sure dont attract them
The five man travelin band i stand saggin my pants
caramel skin color the slim brother
I cancel and contort your financial support
AnRs ridiculed for havin thoughts to deliver you
give your crew brain lacerations
Your having dreams about stardom is only fame masterbation
my name is has awaken the criterion
so judgement is passed anyone budges i blast
bust in that ass and got class for the clone
brothers need to relax strait to the back like domes?

Where you at to all the bad heads with the word
Where you at and if you getting fed by the herb
Where you at and all the brothers keeping shit tough
Where you at and others talking shit about us... bitch

no excuses i feel that there's none needed
i know that you resent me 'cause i study how im greeted
Im quick to touch the mic for the rep and for the loot
im known around my village as the mouth that likes to shoot
now i no longer have time for your irrelivance
because the ignorace is just as dangerous as the inteligence
its all about the passege im trying to grasp it
and hopfully my son will forgive me for my habits
i manage to pity those flavorless with shitty flows.
Amped of their camp actin out their favorite videos
save it give me those trophes you call balls for my display case
now walk away and save face fuck the beef even you belive it aint needed
i know that deep down you respect me 'cause you study how im greeted
its sewing up seams, its pluggin holes,
slug knows its takes more than toy flows and a b-boy prose
see, he keeps it clear and he strikes the fear
and he caught a grammy for marketing strategy of the year
where oh where is the server current status MCs need to take their bras off an burn them.

Where you at to the ones in the front with their hands in the air like they just dont care
Where you at and for the kids in the back tack-fully surveying the stage to see whos wack
Where you at and to the ones that grab the mics at shows house partys or by themselves (goahead get your flow on man )
Where you at and for that kid crawling out of bed at night putting fame on trains bus benches and stop lights
Lavish il never have it i get to happy doing atmospheric damage to your amaturish madness
Lavish il never have it i get to happy doing atmospheric damage to your amaturish madness
check your current status

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Atmosphere - Current status şarkı sözü
Atmosphere - Current status sözleri
Current status - Atmosphere şarkı sözü
Current status - Atmosphere şarkı sözleri
Current status sözleri
Atmosphere - Current status lyrics
Atmosphere - Current status Şarkı Sözleri Current status şarkı sözü ara

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S.Tarih :27-02-2021
Gösterim :909
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