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[guy:] were in the studio tonight with Ashanti
How u feelin'?

[Ashanti:] Feelin' great I'm excited

[guy:] you look good so to all your fans out there all over the world 3rd album what should they get
from this

[Ashanti:] um I really want people to feel me on this one this is definitely my best album I'm just
excited about it the lyrics are just a little bit deeper hooked back up with 7 Aurelius so ites a
beautiful thing to me

[guy:] the albums crazy so explain to everyone the title Concrete Rose

[Ashanti:] Concrete Rose because when you think of Hip Hop you think of something grimy, grungy, kinda
gritty Concrete when you think of RnB you think of something soft sensual kinda like a Rose my music
is considered Hip Hop and RnB so Concrete Rose

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Etiketler :
Ashanti - Concrete rose (intro) şarkı sözü
Ashanti - Concrete rose (intro) sözleri
Concrete rose (intro) - Ashanti şarkı sözü
Concrete rose (intro) - Ashanti şarkı sözleri
Concrete rose (intro) sözleri
Ashanti - Concrete rose (intro) lyrics
Ashanti - Concrete rose (intro) Şarkı Sözleri Concrete rose (intro) şarkı sözü ara

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Concrete rose (intro)
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