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Went to school in cars, in our cars, pretty girls
Cruisin' after the game, watchin' radio
Let your baby know in cars, restaurant mobile
Two behind the wheel like double-neck guitars
In our cars

We fell in love in cars, in a car at the show
Silhouettes on the glass, memories in chrome
Take your baby home in cars, everything was warm
What a perfect form underneath the stars
In our cars

I remember you, everything was new
Talking in the dark, everything was true

If you go when the snowflakes storm
When the rivers freeze and summer ends
Please see she has a coat so warm
To keep her from the howling winds

If you're travelin' in the North Country fair
Where the winds get heavy on the border line
Remember me to one who lives there
For she once was a true love of mine

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Art Garfunkel

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Art Garfunkel - In cars şarkı sözü
Art Garfunkel - In cars sözleri
In cars - Art Garfunkel şarkı sözü
In cars - Art Garfunkel şarkı sözleri
In cars sözleri
Art Garfunkel - In cars lyrics
Art Garfunkel - In cars Şarkı Sözleri In cars şarkı sözü ara

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Art Garfunkel
In cars
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