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In cycle
I laid you around the ocean
Where grass grows
And remnants of you is emotion
My light's out
Inhaling upon trees that're frozen
We look out
And trace along their arms, we keep them frozen
And holding
The sound is dead
Sing and turn
In light
And life meets child your only plight
Is light
And silly smiles, you'll sleep a while
In light

I'll take you for walks in the ocean

She had a pretty dad
But she was growing out of play-school
Though she could kick and scream and play
Until she wanted to
My little chocolate girl
Her brother barely out of high school
There was a place where he could scream
Until he wanted to
All fours and tidy guy
And she could bury him in apples
And curl around a bowl of cotton until she wanted to

Still she had to speak loud
Because hearing is an iron offence
And we till
And pictures of me balancing the offer
And quietly
Still drinking with the bones and the dead
And pray small
In hopes of something better to show her

And holding tightly
The sound is dead
It's singing time
In light
When life meets child
Your only plight is light
Your feeling a smile
You're sleeping wild in light

I'll take you for walks on the ocean

She met a pretty boy
And they would dance between their elders
Where she would cream until the wine she bought had settled in
My little chocolate girl
She used to love the stars of England
She sold them records and her barbie jewelry from her school
Her colors matched the room
And she would swirl around the curtains
She had a hand to hold her chin up
When her friends walked out
The kid across the street
He'll keep around when she was changing
And he would wait and she would tell her friends about the boy
Her Mom and Dad at home
She has saliva in her blankets
She gave a girl when her last graves have finally digged the day

So did the chocolate girl
Oh whats she making here?

Put your lanterns all across the maze
So I won't feast on fallen
Bitter the rain who brought the stings and dead
And who will part the train
Cause I can't see you
I'll open up my brain again

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Animal Collective

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Animal Collective - Chocolate girl şarkı sözü
Animal Collective - Chocolate girl sözleri
Chocolate girl - Animal Collective şarkı sözü
Chocolate girl - Animal Collective şarkı sözleri
Chocolate girl sözleri
Animal Collective - Chocolate girl lyrics
Animal Collective - Chocolate girl Şarkı Sözleri Chocolate girl şarkı sözü ara

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Animal Collective
Chocolate girl
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