Amazing Blondel - Highwayman Sözleri

Wind in his hair, riding across the night
life isa jet black mare and a coach in sight

He's a footpad, brigand, he's a tricorned villain
and he's ill met by moonlight
Hear "stand' deliver" feel a spinechill shiver
for he's ill met by moolight

Fear the dice he throws, his power to excite
Love is a dark eyed rose and her bed for the night


Back to the Inn, box up the mare
un-load his spoils, count them with care
Orders his beef, laughs with his wine, up to her room for the love
he's inclined

Danger as a friend for betrayal's
an easy slope
Death is the gallows end of a
hangman's rope


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Amazing Blondel

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Amazing Blondel - Highwayman şarkı sözü
Amazing Blondel - Highwayman sözleri
Highwayman - Amazing Blondel şarkı sözü
Highwayman - Amazing Blondel şarkı sözleri
Highwayman sözleri
Amazing Blondel - Highwayman lyrics
Amazing Blondel - Highwayman Şarkı Sözleri Highwayman şarkı sözü ara

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Amazing Blondel
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