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I hear ya talking about
see y'all living around
can't understand your mind
are you an individual

future is unwritten
emancipate your mind
freedom devotion
I won't let them cut my fly

You shoot ideas
be ready to hear mines
I got it clear
no one is safe around

You don't know what is this like
you don't know anything about it

Countries and cities
cultures and believes rise
I got no boundaries
love'em all and I care for all
so let's start fucking right now

Punks generations stay and for you they rise
so now i'll gonna keep singing forever ever trough
got the heart, now the rules
gimme another stage and I swear I will burn it all

Take control

Sense no fake now, we gotta rise all to the pit
and once there, there's no way out
as my dreams carry me away
when there's no way out
i'm not afraid of the wolf

They cannot bring down our voice

I hear you talking
I hear you talking about
well motherfuckers
i'm an individual

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All The Hats

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All The Hats - Individuals şarkı sözü
All The Hats - Individuals sözleri
Individuals - All The Hats şarkı sözü
Individuals - All The Hats şarkı sözleri
Individuals sözleri
All The Hats - Individuals lyrics
All The Hats - Individuals Şarkı Sözleri Individuals şarkı sözü ara

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All The Hats
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