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Find another lover tomorrow
Go find another lover today
You've been so long on lonely street
That you're surely falling into decay

It's time to reconstruct yourself
Time to test the water again
Well, it's sad to see
It's a tragedy that you're wasting away

Look around, tell me
Is it really worth the price
That you pay?
On Valentina way

I don't think she's ready to listen
I don't think she wants to come back
The atmosphere's too cold in here
To attract a butterfly like that

I think she took the boat-train out
Maybe caught the night express
She's got devious lies
And chameleon eyes

And she can't care less
Oh, buy yourself a ticket
On anything leaving today
From Valentina way

Oh, the rain comes down
And shines up the stars
Oh, the night steps out
In streetlights and bars
To the sounds of guitars

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Al Stewart

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Al Stewart - Valentina way şarkı sözü
Al Stewart - Valentina way sözleri
Valentina way - Al Stewart şarkı sözü
Valentina way - Al Stewart şarkı sözleri
Valentina way sözleri
Al Stewart - Valentina way lyrics
Al Stewart - Valentina way Şarkı Sözleri Valentina way şarkı sözü ara

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Al Stewart
Valentina way
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