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Late at night
when reality's failed and nothing is prevailing but the wind
I come to you

Out of sight
like a fugitive trailing across a barren land, you let me in
you always do

My reason is caught by a sudden gust
of lateral thought that sweeps me
far beyond
it's the opium of the night

And the ocean of words
that we throw in the air
grows more absurd
and nobody seems to care
it's a refugee's respite
Cafe Society

Late at night
while the city lies sleeping and solitude is keeping me awake
I think of you

Dim your lights
oh, I want to sink deep in that river of oblivion you make
I need it, too

Let me check-in my mind
with my coat at the door
'cause I want to go flying
where I've never been before
some inviting [some 3-syllable thing that ryhmes with "ravine"]

If the hand that you hold
in the dead of the night
is a little too cold
the body seems just right
it's a [some 5-syllable thing that also rhymes with "ravine"]
Cafe Society

8. 1-2-3

[Sound of footsteps walking along a street. A pause, the footsteps take two
steps up a short flight of stairs. Five knocks, a door opens, a coctail party
is heard in the background, and a semi-snobbish voice says, "Excuse me, sir,
are you a member?"]

One, two, three
That's how elementary
it's gonna be
Just fine and dandy
it's easy
like taking candy from a baby

>From the poor country
when you bought a rose, you
paid them with beads
tipped the general
it's easy
like taking candy from a baby

The hard part is learning about it
the hard part is breaking through to the truth
The hard part is learning to doubt
what you read, what you hear, what you see on the news

Foriegn policy
made above my head, well
no one asked me
They just laughed and said
it's easy
like taking candy from a baby
It's easy
like taking candy from a baby

Once they get you sucked into the system
once they get you under control
the hard part is knowing how to resist
the grip that they keep on your mind and your soul

So in the end
we just compromise
and pretend
If you close your eyes
it's easy
like taking candy from a baby

9. The Candidate

Inside the lonely building
sits the candidate
His speech is typed and ready
the hundred-dollar plates
sit on deserted tables
beneath flourescent lights
But no one comes to hear him
no cheers disturb the night
So where are all the voters?
Where the voter's wives?
They've all gone to the movies
trying to understand their lives
The candidate is slipping
into some dream of old
not noticing around him
a thousand rubber chickens going cold

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Al Stewart

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Al Stewart - Cafe society şarkı sözü
Al Stewart - Cafe society sözleri
Cafe society - Al Stewart şarkı sözü
Cafe society - Al Stewart şarkı sözleri
Cafe society sözleri
Al Stewart - Cafe society lyrics
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