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This is the day you disappeared
Your hand was steady and I know that your mind was clear
You left a note up on the shelf
Saying "I would rather be anyone but myself"

You took a simple ride across the Great Divide
You left the television on in you room
Your friends were sad although they said "I told you so"
You never really did fit into your skin

The small annoying things you do
All seemed so cute and entertaining when they were new
This kind of honeymoon can't last
I think you knew you wore your welcome out much too fast

I was surprised to see you played the lottery
Your winning ticket you won't need anymore
You were in such a rush you never stopped to check
You jacket pocket on your way out the door

This is your anniversary
I'll light a candle in the window so you might see
This is the day you had to go
Good-bye then, this concludes your portion of the show

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Al Stewart

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Al Stewart - Anniversary şarkı sözü
Al Stewart - Anniversary sözleri
Anniversary - Al Stewart şarkı sözü
Anniversary - Al Stewart şarkı sözleri
Anniversary sözleri
Al Stewart - Anniversary lyrics
Al Stewart - Anniversary Şarkı Sözleri Anniversary şarkı sözü ara

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